Why Hitotsubashi ICS? MBA in Tokyo, Japan


Are you considering applying to Hitotsubashi ICS this year?
Then, this webinar is for you! In this webinar, a former MBA director Yoshi Fujikawa and a new MBA director Shingo Oue will explain what our programs have to offer.

* This webinar was recorded in Mid-July. You can find updated info of COVID-19 here: https://info.ics.hub.hit-u.ac.jp/coronavirus_updates1

0:00 - Introduction
3:52 - About Hitotsubashi University
4:36 - About Hitotsubashi ICS
7:29 - Hitotsubashi ICS's Global Network | Double Degree/ Exchange Program & BEST Alliance & GNAM
14:41 - MBA Program | Full-time 1 or 2 year Program
18:00 - EMBA Program | Part-time 1 year Program
21:37 - DBA Program | Part-time 3 years Program
23:39 - Learning experience in Hitotsubashi ICS
24:50 - Why Hitotsubashi ICS? Characteristics of ICS
29:57 - COVID-19 updates in Japan and Hitotsubashi ICS
33:12 - Moving courses online
43:30 - Situation of incoming Class of 2020
45:25 - Is it a good time to start an MBA?
48:40 - Global Network during this COVID-19 situation
53:20 - Zemi system | Student-Faculty Ratio
55:20 - Access to Real Business | Company visit
56:15 - Alumni Network
58:40 - Career after MBA | Career Service Office
1:00:41 - Admission Schedule for 2021 intake | Changes from the previous years

While we can't welcome you onto our campus at the moment, you can meet us online.
Our online events will help you get to know us better: https://info.ics.hub.hit-u.ac.jp/upcoming-event-schedule
If you want more insider information about Hitotsubashi ICS, check out our website: http://www.ics.hub.hit-u.ac.jp/
If you have questions about our program or your application situation, you can email us at ics-opencampus@ics.hub.hit-u.ac.jp

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