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ICS Alumni Network

True to ICS’ mission of embracing complexity and achieving the “Best of Two Worlds”,
we are proud that our alumni network came from diverse backgrounds fostering a great way to embrace diversity and inclusiveness whilst creating opportunities and synergy amongst the alumni.

Our alumni community is spread all over the globe.
How do we make sure we are in touch with each other?
What are the commonalities we share between classes?
What makes the alumni network so valuable in creating bonds post-ICS life?

Event Overview Time Schedule
Name Alumni Talk 19:00~19:03 Opening Remarks
Date February 2, 2023 | 1900~2000 JST 19:03~19:08 ICS Introduction and Its Alumni Network
Fee Free of Charge 19:08~19:18 Introduction of ICS Alumni Association
Tool Zoom 19:18~19:35 Panel Discussion with Alumni
Deadline February 2, 2023 (until 1900 JST) 19:35~19:50 Breakout Room Discussion
Contact Neil Monsalud | 19:50~19:59 Q&A
    19:59~20:00 Closing Remarks


Hitotsubashi ICS MBA - Bridging Japan to Asia and the globe

Hitotsubashi ICS is Japan's Number 1 Global MBA* and one of the top business schools in Asia.
The alumni talk is an opportunity to learn about the experiences of the alumni during and after the ICS MBA, and how it shaped their careers.
You may ask and discuss why they chose Hitotsubashi ICS MBA.
It's a great way to find out more directly from those who experienced what our institution offers.
*based on QS Ranking 2023


Q. Is it possible to join after the start of the event?
A. Yes, please join at your available time.

Q. Is it possible to cancel after registration?
A. Yes, it is possible.

Q. Is the event free of charge?
A. Yes, it is free for you to join.