Hitotsubashi ICS Career Services Director Kazue Sasaki

Meet the MBA Career Services Director who gets it

Learn about her approach as ICS's Career Service Director

  • Supports MBA students who want to advance their career in Japan.
  • Offers a "tailored-made" career guidance for the FT MBA students at Hitotsubashi ICS.
  • Actively engages with companies to explain what sets ICS students apart.


MBA Student Voice Wilson Internships

Internships in Japan and my MBA experience

Student Voice | Wilson Yeung - internships in Tokyo 

  • This led to an internship in Tokyo, with Dai Nippon Printing.
  • They were very much open to experimenting and trying new things and this gave me the opportunity to experience the Japanese workplace.
  • I am extremely thankful for Hitotsubashi ICS’s career services office for making this internship happen.
Hitotsubashi ICS_BylineICS_Vivek

Working in Japan | reflections of an MBA graduate

Working in Japan as a foreigner

  • At my current company, management are reluctant to give feedback in a formal setting.
  • I learned about nemawashi at Hitotsubashi ICS, but I thought that was something from the past. To my surprise, it is still something that holds true.  
  • Being a foreigner working in Japan comes with access to more opportunities.
HitotsubashiICS MBA Alumna Anna Lemeshkina

MBA Alumna Interview | Anna Lemeshkina

Career change after MBA

  • The MBA skills that were and still are key to my successful career in marketing.
  • Hitotsubashi ICS was a great place to learn how to successfully live and work in modern “flat world,” how it is essential to be open-minded and flexible.
  • There were alumni and students at Open Campus sharing their experience about life at ICS, how ICS stands for “I Cannot Sleep”.
ICS 2019 Graduates Seeking Jobs in Japan by Type of Company-1-1

MBA 2019 Careers 

Post-graduation in Japan

  • The career services director, shared with us the preliminary results of those who have already started the next stage of their career in Japan.
  • The diversity of the industries and fields of their employers reflect the diversity of the students at Hitotsubashi ICS.

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