Hitotsubashi ICS COVID19 Updates

1. Are any changes planned for the MBA program starting September 2020?

The MBA program will commence in September 2020, whether in the usual in-person form or online. We hope it will be the former but also have contingency plans in place to accommodate the latter situation.

A final decision will be made and communicated to incoming students in due course prior to the start of Foundation Week on September 15, 2020.

2. What changes have been made to the MBA Application Process for the 2021 admissions intake?

There are four main changes regarding the application process for the 2021 intake.

  • We will accept the online versions of GMAT/GRE this year
  • TOEFL/ IELTS score report submission has become optional
  • We will not accept any GMAT/GRE score updates after the deadline
  • Interview will be conducted only by video conference


3. Due to the COVID 19 situation, will waivers be granted for the GMAT/GRE?

No; however, we will be accepting the online versions of the GMAT/GRE.

4. I can’t obtain the official transcript from the university I graduated from. What should I do?

We are aware of situations in which it is difficult to obtain the official transcript. We recommend working with your university as soon as possible, as it may take more time than usual to obtain a transcript. Please contact the admissions office if you have further enquiries.

5. What is your policy on deferring once accepted to the program?

Hitotsubashi ICS allows accepted candidates to apply for a leave of absence to accommodate personal circumstances before they decide to enroll. This process usually takes place in August. For the 1-year program, the length of absence allowed is 1 year, and for the 2-year program, the length of absence allowed is 2 years. There are no fees (place reservation deposit, etc.) associated with taking a leave of absence.

6. What kind of impact will there be on scholarships and financial aid?

To date, there has been no change to scholarships and financial aid for the 2021 intake.
Please refer to Financing Your MBA on the Hitotsubashi ICS website.

Please note, however, that some scholarships require you to be physically in Japan during the course of study.

7. Where can I find the latest information on Japanese government border enforcement measures?

Please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan website for the latest information on the Japanese government’s border measures.

8. Will I have the same professors online as I would in the in-person format?

Yes. Hitotsubashi ICS’s professors are experienced in teaching online and are updating constantly their teaching methods to provide the best online learning experience. Our professors do not simply move classroom content to a virtual platform; they instead transform course material and pedagogy to deliver an experience that optimizes the advantages of online learning.

9. Is Hitotsubashi ICS collaborating with other schools in regard to COVID 19-related matters?

Yes. As the only member in Japan of the Global Network for Advanced Management, we are working with our partner schools to provide a robust global online learning experience.  


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